Driving lessons with LEAPs Driving School

  • Had enough of waiting on public transport?
  • want to become independent?
  • want to become a safe driver?

At LEAP’s Driving School we are unique because we put the needs of the learners first and foremost, each learner is an individual and has different needs. We cater for the learners individually weather they are nervous or find it hard to concentrate we will cater for them in the way that suits each person. Our instructors are very professional and patient, and deal with each person according to their individual needs.

Quick Prices Watch

  • Individual lesson price £25
  • 1.5 Hours £37.50
  • 2 Hours £50
  • 5 Hours £120
  • 10 Hours £230
  • 20 Hours £440

Single Driving Lessons

At LEAP’s Driving School we recommend you have at least 2 lessons per week but not to worry if you have other commitments. Having regular driving lessons means you are able to progress and move to reach your end goal.

Its better to have 2 hour lessons as we will be able to re-enforce the topics at hand. Having said that it is entirely the pupils choice.